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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Keepsake Calendar

 Made from hand and footprints, this special keepsake calendar makes a one-of-a-kind, fabulous gift for grandparents. You don't need mad artistic skills (mine are very limited), but this calendar is VERY time consuming. Scroll to the bottom of the pictures for a list of supplies needed and a step-by-step how to.


Bare Accents 12x12 blank white calendar
12x12 cardstock  (see pictures for colors) one sheet for each month
foam paint brushes
small paint brushes
paint markers to add details (I used the Sharpie brand)
acrylic paints (see pictures for colors)
scrapbook paper in various colors (I used papers that coordinated with my monthly painting)
scrapbook adhesive

* I used my Cricut to cut out the months, but you could just as easily do this on your computer. I used the DoodleCharms and Designer's Calendar cartridges.

* I found inspiration for all of my basic handprint and footprint ideas on Pinterest.


Step 1: Use the foam brushes and the acrylic paints for all the handprints and footprints. On my husband's side of the family there are 12 grandkids so I did one child for each month. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 2: Using the smaller brushes and the paint markers, add detail to your calendar pages. I drew a border around each month just to help tie them together.  Allow to dry and adhere to calendar.

Step 3: Using your die cut machine, computer, or what have you, cut or print the months and the days. For each major holiday I used a fun cut-out rather than a number. Also, half way through the year I started printing my numbers on cute scrapbook paper and then used Stampin' Up punches to punch out the numbers. This was WAAAAY faster, and I think I might like the way it looks a tiny bit more, too. Adhere all pieces to calendar.

I would love to see pictures of how your calendar turns out!

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